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They’re not playing our song


I was watching actress Julia Stiles in “The Prince and Me.” As with many movies, I have never seen the whole thing. I enjoy Stiles’ smooth, fruity contralto voice. All women should learn to modulate their voices the way Stiles has, but sadly, so few have the presence of mind to do so.

Anyway, at one point in the movie, Stiles exclaims, “We have a song! They’re playing our song!”

I think that’s something I’ve only heard about in media, “having a song.” I have never met anyone who claimed to have a song that represented their relationship with another person. I know that darling wife and I do not “have a song.” There is no song that epitomizes our relationship, that reminds us of a particular time in our relationship. It’s not something that would occur to either of us, I think. She no longer listens to music, unless it’s Mozart or something mathematically complex. She does not find music relaxing or pleasantly distracting; it’s something she gave up with her larval stage. I enjoy music, but the types of music that I like, generally she hates. It’s sort of a rule. I accept that. It’s not important, other than that when she enters my space, I know to turn down the music.

Anyway, no one is ever playing our song. Because we don’t have one.

And that’s okay.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-06-02T07:07:00-04:00 07:07

    Mine is not a happy song. I miss him.


    • 2014-06-02T20:32:57-04:00 20:32

      Oh, that poor James Blunt. I thought the last of the castrati had died in 1922, but apparently Blunt continues the tradition. I never knew who he was until you pointed it out. ;-)


      • Sweety Pie permalink
        2014-06-04T07:58:45-04:00 07:58

        I know, I know…. Concentrate on the lyrics….


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