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St. Louis Rams put their foot in the bear trap


Much has been blathered in the past two weeks about homosexual player Michael Sams being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Then the news came out that Oprah’s unwatched network, OWN, had arranged a miniseries reality show about Michael Sams. The Rams did not know this when they drafted him. The Rams obviously made it known that they would not tolerate Sams being a distraction from the team, or he wouldn’t play for them. So the Rams forced OWN to “postpone” (read: cancel) the miniseries.

Sams made his homosexuality an issue from the beginning, in his attempt to get into the NFL. The Rams knew this, and drafted him anyway. Unfortunately, now the Rams are trapped, and they must keep him on the roster until Sams chooses to leave of his own volition. If Sams fails to perform well as a player, he will eventually be traded or terminated, as most players are. But Sams and/or the militant homosexual lobby (MHL) will again make his homosexuality an issue, claiming that Sams’ homosexuality is the reason for his trading/termination. Or the reason he was benched. Or the reason some teammates avoided him. Or the reason other NFL team members avoided him. Or the reason behind any slight Sams and/or the MHL chooses to perceive.  The Rams deliberately put their foot in the bear trap of homosexual politics, and they will be unable to extract it without forking over millions in bribery payments for Sams’ cooperation.

Sams (and ESPN) used his homosexuality as a weapon to get into NFL football. It will be interesting to see how Sams uses his homosexuality as a weapon against the Rams during his tenure with them, and how he uses it when they eventually try to force him out.

I have no sympathy for the Rams. All the other NFL teams were smart enough not to draft Sams. The Rams weren’t. And now they’re stuck with him.

(Unless the NFL secretly arranged a payout to the Rams for the Rams to “take the fall” by drafting Sams, thereby deflecting the inevitable MHL’s claims that the entire NFL is homophobic for failing to draft Sams at all. That would be interesting news. Perhaps the NFL itself will ensure that the Rams are compensated for the financial damage to the team that they know Sams is likely to cause. Hmmm.)

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