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“Castle” and “Warehouse 13” are now banned from my DVR


This week, I reached my tolerance limit for stupid television, ditching two longtime shows at once.

  • Castle” (ABC) has finally jumped the shark with Season 6’s episode 20, which featured a 1970s costume theme combined with an unhealthy dose of gay propaganda in a ridiculous storyline about an ancient Italian mobster who helps solve the 40-year old murder of his boss, who turned out to be the mobster’s homosexual lover. Not only did the episode feature every clichéd 1970s speech pattern, mode of dress, mode of behavior, automobile, and television reference, the gay propaganda was especially irritating. In one single episode, “Castle” exceeded the bounds of my patience with bad writing and a beyond-the-pale attempt at cultural brainwashing. After six years of being a loyal viewer, I’m turning it off. 
  • Warehouse 13” (Syfy) has crossed the Stupidity Event Horizon with Season 5’s Episode 3, featuring one of the lamest plots against the background of the most-poorly-simulated Renaissance festival I have ever seen. Renfests are corny anyway, but this was so ridiculously bad I couldn’t watch. This show should have ended with Season 4, but now Season 5 is becoming one painfully long farewell for once-likable characters who are now behaving just plain stupidly. I’m turning it off.

I’m not much of a television watcher, but I had remained faithful to these shows across the past few years because they were creative and appealing. But all good things come to an end. It’s just unusual for me that two longtime good things should end practically on the same day.

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