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Been on vacation


So, last week was vacation. Vacation for us means burning back the jungle surrounding our residence, to keep it from being engulfed by a green wave of vegetation. It was good, clean, hard work. And we had to do it before the summer heat arrived. We got the hardest part of it done. The rest can be done in increments.

I bought a new ground vehicle, much larger and heavier than the current one, because it was a stupendous bargain that I would have been stupid to pass up. It burns more fuel, of course, but the Martian consulate pays for mine, so I don’t really care. And since hybrids cause more pollution in their manufacture and charging of their batteries (with coal-produced electricity) than standard vehicles, I don’t worry about the pollution aspect of the larger vehicle. Mass equals safety in the jungle, where old blind people drive huge cars and routinely plow over signs, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even drive into buildings. So now I have mass on my side.

Now I need to teach a class on software I have not used for a year. We’ll see how it goes.

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