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The beggar’s prop, part 2


Recently I saw a well-dressed black man, accompanied by a well-dressed child, asking for money in the street. The man said he needed money to get home to a city a hundred klicks away.

I could see he was lying, and so I politely declined.

But as always, I questioned my judgment. What if he actually needed help? What if he was an alien, like me, sent to test me, to see if I was worthy of a higher calling?

Last night, my confidence in my judgment was restored, when I saw the same man, accompanied by the same child, again asking for money in the street. He had indeed been lying, and I was right to refuse him.

I told a co-worker about my encounter. She said she gives people like him money, and doesn’t judge them.

I can’t do that. Being telepathic can be a pain sometimes.

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