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There is no gender pay gap


I think it’s amusing that Democrats are suddenly screaming about an alleged 23 percent pay difference between men and women. It’s clearly designed to distract the public from the failings of Obamacare, which missed its 7-million-member enrollment goal at the end of March, despite Dear Leader’s claims to the contrary, because up to 20 percent of the signups failed to pay their insurance premium, which means they are not actually enrolled. And they’re trying to distract from the ongoing investigation of the IRS targeting conservatives, which may result in former IRS official Lois Lerner going to jail for obstructing the investigation.

So, the Democrat battlecries of the week are “gender discrimination” and “wage disparity” and “pay gap.” Democrats are claiming that women earn only 77 percent of what men earn. That figure was obtained from Census Bureau figures, adding up all the money earned by all men in fulltime jobs in a year, and adding up all the money earned by all women in fulltime jobs in a year. It is not a comparison of men and women in identical jobs and identical hours worked. In fact, federal studies indicate that most, if not all differences, in pay arise from the fact that women generally choose jobs in lower-paying industries, work fewer hours, and interrupt their careers for families, all of which add up to a significant difference in annual and lifetime earnings compared to men.

Claims of the gender pay gap also backfired on the White House this week when research into staff salaries showed that women in the White House staff earn noticeably less than the men, about 91 percent of what the men make. The White House backpedaled, claiming that job-for-job, the pay is the same for men and women in the White House. But that’s not the measure they use when they trumpet the 77 percent figure in speeches.

But that’s just the point. Job for job, hour for hour, women make the same, or almost the same, amount of money as men in the US economy. There is no gender pay gap of the magnitude that the Democrats complain about. It’s just a red herring to distract the public from the ongoing scandals.

Remember that when you vote the Democrats out in November. Because people who think you are so stupid that you can’t do math, don’t deserve your vote.

  1. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-04-21T07:44:50+00:00 07:44

    Do you remember my counterpart when we were working together? A gentleman who had a good sense of humor, but who would have some trouble delivering at work? I ended up with a pay equity check when my company did the study.


    • 2014-04-23T06:49:29+00:00 06:49

      You’re kidding. Amazing. You did three times the work he did.


      • Sweety Pie permalink
        2014-04-23T08:38:20+00:00 08:38

        The think with Pay Equity studies, they only look at the past. I got the settlement up until that date. Nothing was ever done for future pay checks. People make things look good and that is it. I never liked perception.


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