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They’re wasting their time


Several nations are spending millions of dollars searching for the missing Malaysian airliner, MH370. They were worried that they can’t find the “black box” flight recorders because their homing signals work for only 30 days before their batteries die.

It doesn’t matter. Because they’re looking in the wrong place. Because the water-activated black box homing signals aren’t activated. Because it landed safely. The problem is, it can be anywhere between Malaysia itself and several other countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Bangladesh, India, and even Pakistan. That’s a lot of places to search, especially if the hijackers don’t want the plane to be found.

The Malaysian government knows this. And they desperately wish to distract the other nations involved, particularly China, because they are unable to admit that their Muslim pilot hijacked the plane himself and that the plane is likely still intact somewhere, and that the passengers may still be alive. It’s much simpler for the Malaysian government to claim that the plane crashed in a distant part of the southern Indian Ocean, and that everyone aboard is dead. That removes much of the immediate pressure to resolve the situation, since it’s allegedly a moot point.

Along with many others, China doesn’t believe the Malaysian government either. China is already imposing a travel ban to Malaysia and a ban on selling tickets on Malaysia Airlines. This may well tip the financially-tottering airline into bankruptcy, since its stock price has declined sharply since the plane’s disappearance March 8.

I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising eighth-grader scrutinizing Google Maps discovers the plane, covered with camouflage netting, on a remote airstrip in an inhospitable country. A week? A month?

Get to work, children.

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