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Please produce proof


I thought it was interesting the other day, when the Malaysian government announced that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 flew southwest toward Australia on March 8 and crashed in the Indian Ocean. They made this annoucement based on satellite company Inmarsat’s Doppler-shift analysis of telemetry “pings” from the aircraft’s Rolls-Royce engines.

I think the Malaysian government made the declaration for a number of reasons, none of which are related to what may have actually happened.

  • The Malaysian government was tired of being relentlessly questioned and attacked by the families of the missing passengers.
  • The Malaysian government does not wish to admit to the possibility that one or both of the Muslim pilots hijacked the plane, because this would reinforce the public’s perception of Muslims committing terrorist acts, and it would seriously damage the public’s trust in Malaysia Airlines, which employs a large number of Muslim pilots in a country where 65 percent of the population is Muslim.
  • The Malaysian government does not wish to incur the wrath of China if in fact the flight was hijacked by the Muslim pilots, because 153 of the 239 people aboard the Beijing-bound flight’s passengers were Chinese citizens.

It was expedient for the Malaysian government to announce that the flight had crashed in a remote, nearly-inaccessible part of the ocean. Apparently China thinks so too, because China has demanded to see the satellite data that led Malaysia to make such an announcement.

Here is a live site with all the news of the investigation.

I will believe the flight crashed when the investigators produce wreckage with identifiable serial numbers that can be traced to the missing plane. Until then, I think that the theory that the pilot hijacked the Boeing 777 to India or Pakistan is the most likely explanation. Why? To use the aircraft in a future kamikaze mission, a la The World Trade Center attacks. If that is true, then perhaps the passengers are still alive and being held hostage.

Or perhaps they have all been murdered, since the objective was to steal the plane, not the passengers.

We shall see what happens.


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