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Name-calling means they’ve lost the argument


I tend to avoid arguments. They’re usually unproductive, and most people’s minds can’t be changed anyway through argument. Pain usually works, but not argument.

I’ve noticed that when person A calls person B a name, it’s an admission that person A has lost the argument, and has no other means but to try to shout down person B by calling them names. Like “bigot,” or “homophobe,” or “sexist,” or “racist.” Twenty or thirty years ago, most people feared being called such a name, and it would force them to defend themselves instead of continuing to win the argument.

I don’t think that’s true anymore. More and more people that I meet aren’t afraid of being called those names. They embrace it. Because when you agree and say, “Yes, and?” it usually renders the name-caller speechless. The name-caller doesn’t have anything else to follow up with. In their minds, being called those names is the worst possible thing in the world, and they believe that name-calling should stop the argument. But when one loses the fear of being called names, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It means you can’t be defeated in an argument. And that usually enrages the person who’s losing the argument.

I like it.

  1. Sweetie pie permalink
    2014-04-12T11:59:52-04:00 11:59

    I wouldn’t read your blog if I didn’t need you in some way….


    • 2014-04-17T15:32:02-04:00 15:32

      LOL what way is THAT!!!! ;->


      • Sweety Pie permalink
        2014-04-21T07:39:23-04:00 07:39

        Interaction? Laughter? Sharing opinions? Keeping in contact? I like you man! :)


  2. Sweety Pie permalink
    2014-03-27T07:45:35-04:00 07:45

    I agree. I remember a coworker of mine, someone you know, who came to my cubicle and started belittling me because I saved my money instead of spending it. This is just 2 years ago…

    That person’s mind frame is that they don’t know if they will be alive tomorrow, so you should enjoy what you have today. My mind frame is that I will retire in an old folks home and I want to be able to pay for that as I will have no children to take care of me.

    So the person was belligerent and stated something like: “Why don’t you want to enjoy your money now, you would start living if you spent it! You are just being an idiot.” or something like that… So I replied: “And whose problem is that?”. Then, silence came and the person walked away. Felt pretty good to shut them up.

    I think people sometimes think they are the greatest thing since the internet and they feel so highly of them selves that they have to impose their state of mind on everyone. We are individuals. That says it all to me, and God gave me a brain so I wouldn’t have to bug him all the time. So there!


    • 2014-04-01T21:42:46-04:00 21:42

      I think you told her what she needed to be told. She can’t hear it, of course. But I thought it was a good riposte. ;-)

      You are so kind to read! Thank you! I need to send you a good old-fashioned email.


      • Sweety Pie permalink
        2014-04-02T08:14:40-04:00 08:14

        I thought of calling not too long ago, but we switched phones again and my contact info backup/restore never works. Ever.


      • 2014-04-07T08:26:35-04:00 08:26

        You poor thing! Well, I’ve found that the auto-restore feature to transfer contacts to a new phone just winds up bringing over a bunch of useless contacts that you don’t need anymore.


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