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The missing piece


After months of neglect, I finally hauled out most of the arsenal and cleaned it, after an outing with relatives late last year. It’s unconscionable to leave firearms dirty, I think. Your weapons will take care of you only if you take care of them.

Some of them have small parts. I’m usually very careful at keeping track of them, but I wasn’t careful enough this time. Darling wife found a piece of one lying on the deck the next day, and brought it to me. I was appalled at my negligence, and I immediately put it back where it belonged.

Would that weapon have malfunctioned without it? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I think it’s a poor design, but obviously there must have been a reason why they built it that way. Luckily I didn’t have to find out the hard way whether it would function or not, without the missing piece.

Thank goodness for darling wife.

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