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Let’s all drop The Weather Channel


In a spat over licensing fees, DirecTV dropped The Weather Channel (TWC) from its lineup yesterday. Under the old contract, DirecTV paid TWC 13 cents per DirecTV subscriber to carry TWC programming. TWC wanted 14 cents per DirecTV subscriber. DirecTV said no, stating that viewership of TWC has declined nearly one third in the past two years as viewers switch to smartphone apps to get weather information.

TWC actually tried to argue that dropping its channel was a public safety issue, that viewers’ lives would be in jeopardy without it.

DirecTV pointed that that some 40 percent of TWC airtime is now consumed with “reality” programming like “Highway Through Hell,” indicating that TWC’s alleged commitment to reporting the current weather is questionable at best.

I stopped watching The Weather Channel a decade or more ago, when their programming began harping constantly about “global warming” (which has been rather soundly disproven). In conjunction with TWC’s global warming propaganda, their constant cry is essentially that the weather is going to kill you. ¬†“We’re all going to die!” they say, with every breathless report about rain or snow or fog or hot sunshine.

Indeed, you will die. Someday. But I can reasonably guarantee you that it won’t be because of whatever weather TWC is reporting at the moment. And that really removes any reason for watching The Weather Channel. Why bother, when you can get the weather on your smartphone or on the Internet (or even more reliably, by looking out of the nearest window) for free, without all the propaganda?

The Weather Channel can’t die quickly enough for me. Then their constant message of “we’re all going to die!” will die with it.

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