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Kicking the habit


For many years, I drank diet soda. I liked its chemical taste, and I liked the caffeine. But it liked me less and less over time, and it began to make me sick. I had tried to stop drinking it several times before, but I was addicted, and I always started drinking it again.

Until now. I haven’t drunk any for a couple of months now. It was a conscious decision to stop, and I feel better every day that I’m free of it. Now I don’t even want to drink it anymore.

I think being able to quit an addiction like that is based largely on how much you realize that it hurts you. When you think about the damage it does to you, it’s easier not to do it.

I think I accomplished a New Year’s resolution early, without even realizing that I was doing it. Or, I accomplished the resolution from several New Years ago.

Either way, it’s better now.

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