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The recurring “final exam” nightmare


I finished university a long time ago. I excelled academically. It was not a stressful time for me, because “ninety percent of success is in showing up.” If you go to class every day and pay attention, it’s usually easy to succeed.

Since that time, however, I have had a recurring nightmare. Sometimes it recurs every few months, and sometimes the interval is years.

In it, I am rushing to take a final exam. I know what time the exam will be held, but I’m not exactly sure of where it will be held. And I missed most of the class sessions, so I’m not sure of the material. The dream always ends before I find the exam room. Sometimes I’m on a campus or in buildings that I recognize, and other times I’m in a completely unfamiliar place.

The other night, the nightmare morphed into something new. I had taken all my final exams. I had completed all the requirements for yet another degree. But I’m not sure if the university has all the required paperwork for me to prove that I have completed the work. And I’m not sure which graduate degree to pursue, based on the one I just completed.

It’s a nice change to have a different nightmare than the usual one. But the issue is the same: some part of me feels unprepared for something. What that is, I don’t know. In real life, I am always prepared. I am in command, I am able to do whatever is asked of me. I am content.

But obviously some part of my subconscious remains unconvinced.

One of these days, if I can locate that part of my brains which is causing the trouble, I’m going to cauterize it. Because I’m tired of it.

  1. Anna Lozyk Romeo permalink
    2014-01-07T13:30:13-05:00 13:30

    Lol, wow I had very similar dreams few years ago, and finally I graduated as well. Funny we say that’s a nightmare, as opposed to a dream. For me would be as I am not sure if I ever want to go back to school, lol. Always fun to read your posts.


    • 2014-01-07T14:03:08-05:00 14:03

      Happy New Year Anna! I hope you had a lovely holiday season, free from illness. ;-P I need to get back to your blog. Your pictures are always beautiful.


      • Anna Lozyk Romeo permalink
        2014-01-07T23:00:42-05:00 23:00

        Glad u r feeling better. We had Matthew sick just before so we got lucky. Happy New Year to you too. No worries visiting, I slow down but I am blogging, and re-launched .com community site. I want to be full time blogger lol. I :) also spent my time on Facebook to build extra audience. Great talking to u :) as always. Anna :)


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