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Scoring a great sale


Earlier I mentioned that unless a “sale” discount is higher than 70 percent, you’re not getting a bargain, because the retailer planned to make money even with a 70 percent discount.

The other day I scored two Hallmark Christmas ornaments at 75 percent off: a “Mork From Ork” ornament and a “Gorn Attacks Captain Kirk” Star Trek ornament. Neither of them had motivated me to pay $20 to $30 for them at retail, but 75 percent off was a much more palatable price. Considering that the ornaments are made by Chinese political prisoners for a few pennies apiece, Hallmark is still making money even at 75 percent off.

Now I have to figure out which ornaments to get rid of. It’s either that, or buy another Christmas tree to put them on.


  1. Sugar Plum permalink
    2014-01-08T14:08:33+00:00 14:08

    I’m thinking you can get a Christmas tree 90% off now. Good timing!


    • 2014-01-08T14:23:24+00:00 14:23

      We found a 7-foot white tree at Hallmark for $25. We passed it up, though, because we have so many trees already. ;-)


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