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I’m not dead


I’m not dead, though terrestrial viruses keep trying. I spent our entire holiday vacation in bed with a particularly nasty strain of flu. I still have difficulty breathing. On the plus side, I lost three kilos. Illness is underrated as a dieting tool.

None of our vacation turned out the way we thought it would. We went nowhere once we reached our destination, saw very little, spent almost nothing. Oddly, a week after we got back, the battery died in the car, so that was fortuitous that it chose to die after we got back rather than when we were relying on it.

We got to spend sitting-around time with family, which was nice. We didn’t do the big outings we had planned, simply because we were bedridden. We watched television and talked, which proved to be a better way to spend the holidays anyway.

I have been having very strange dreams lately. But that’s another post.

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