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Not her BFF


A female friend of mine has a self-declared “BFF” (Best Friend Forever). Oddly, this BFF never wants to see my friend. Every time my friend asks the “BFF” to do something together, the BFF begs off, citing uncertainty about her health. She’ll drop by without warning every few months, but she can’t be bothered to schedule a date with my friend and actually keep it. If she agrees to a date, she always breaks it. And her health issues never amount to anything. She’s a hypochondriac, always certain that a horrible diagnosis is just a phone call away, but unfortunately (in my opinion, anyway) that diagnosis never materializes.

So my friend gave up. My friend never claimed this woman was a BFF, the woman herself did. Yet the woman’s actions continually indicate that she is in no way any kind of a BFF.

My friend decided to write the woman off, and stopped calling her.

A few weeks later, the “BFF” emailed my friend, saying that she sensed some sort of “distance” and wondered what she had done to offend my friend. I thought it was a very manipulative thing for the woman to do, to create “distance” and then blame my friend for it.

My friend thought of all sorts of ways to reply, but in the end, decided to ignore the message. Because this woman was not, is not, and will not be a BFF, despite her claims to the contrary.

I think ignoring the woman is the best course of action. At least until some enterprising inventor creates a way to punch people in the nose via email.

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