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Corrupt ANC uses sign language faker for Mandela funeral


A sign language “interpreter” who was standing only a meter from world leaders as each spoke in turn at Nelson Mandela’s funeral has been discovered to be a fake. He had no idea how to sign in South African sign language, said witnesses; he was just waving his arms around.

It’s unfortunate that he couldn’t get his arms around Dear Leader’s neck for just a moment. Future history would praise the faker as a hero.

This fake sign language “interpreter” has “performed” at other African National Congress events in years past, and has received similar complaints for his incompetence. Only because millions of television viewers were watching Mandela’s funeral (with thousands of deaf people among them) did it become a scandal now. The ANC denies that it employs him, though it admitted that he was an unpaid ANC volunteer who now works for the South African government.

Clearly he is a friend or relative of someone in the ANC who protects him and allows him to do such a high-profile job so incompetently.

Just another part of Nelson Mandela’s legacy, and emblematic of the corruption and incompetence that plagues the South African government and the African National Congress party.

This just in: the now-named “interpreter,” 34-year-old Thamsanqa Jantjie, claims that he had a schizophrenic episode while onstage at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, complete with hallucinations. He claims he could not control his actions.

Only weak-minded Mandela-worshipers would believe that, or allow Jantjie’s “I’m a victim, I’m disabled, it’s not my fault!” argument to excuse his actions. The liberal Washington Post newspaper tries to blame Jantjie’s behavior on a legacy of apartheid, but that’s like blaming a crack dealer’s behavior today on slavery in the 1850s; it’s a ridiculous red herring, a distraction from the real problem. Jantjie did what he did because the corrupt ANC-led government of South Africa allowed him to do it. They gave him a security clearance. They ignored his prior history of incompetence and complaints against him. And now they’re embarrassed on the world stage, as they should be.

The ANC is Nelson Mandela’s party, and the debacle of Mandela’s funeral is part of Mandela’s legacy.

I think it’s perfectly appropriate.

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