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Racist Obama honors Mandela but not Thatcher


In case you weren’t paying attention, in April 2013, President Obama declined to send any ranking government personnel to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. He did not attend, and no one from the Obama administration attended. Instead, he sent two retired Reagan-era cabinet members, former Secretaries of State James A. Baker and George Schultz. Oh, and he sent the chargé d’affaires from the US embassy in London (a junior diplomat, not the Ambassador to the UK) along with a former US ambassador to the UK.

The deliberate diplomatic snub offended many Britishers and Americans alike, since it was aimed at one of the US’s strongest and most historic allies. It was not unexpected, however, since Obama’s communist beliefs are diametrically opposed to Thatcher’s (she was a staunch capitalist). Also, Thatcher was white, while Obama is black. Obama’s longtime church in Chicago, led by the infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wright, preaches black liberation theology, a racist form of Communism.

Contrast Obama’s snub of Thatcher with the fact that both Obama and his wife traveled to South Africa to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in person, at the considerable expense of the US taxpayers. Both Obama and Mandela are communists, and both are black. South Africa has never been an ally of the United States in the way that Britain has been. In contrast, the US government considered Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress party to be terrorists, from 1988 until 2008.

It’s sad that Dear Leader Obama is bringing such shame to the office of the President by snubbing allies of the US and honoring “leaders” who have terrorist backgrounds. But Obama’s political and racist biases explain his actions all too clearly.

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