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Media love Nelson Mandela because he was a Communist


Amid all the nonstop media adoration of the late Nelson Mandela, one thing that’s rarely mentioned is Mandela’s history of Communist activities, and the Communist affiliations of his party, the African National Congress. In fact, the ANC’s communist political and economic policies are largely responsible for the downward spiral in which South Africa finds itself today.

Most journalists are communists, although you’d be hard-pressed to get one to admit it. You only have to observe their bias in their reporting, though, to discern their communist sympathies.

This largely explains the media’s infatuation with and adulation of Nelson Mandela, a man whose main accomplishment was spending 27 years in South African prisons for his terrorist activities in the early 1960s.

Did he play an important part in ending apartheid in South Africa? Absolutely. Was he the saint that the media portrays him to be? Absolutely not. Does his legacy hinder economic and political progress in South Africa today? Absolutely.

Keep that in mind when you see yet another worshipful story about Mandela.

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