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Idle time


It’s unusual for me to be idle, to have no work to do. I’ve been home for a month now. I had some remote work, but it went on hiatus, as a lot of my work tends to do; I ask questions to which the customer has no answer. So they have to stop work and go and find out the answers. I’m doing my job, to ask those questions, but it often causes the work to be postponed.

And then there’s the seasonality of work. Work tends to slow down in the winter, and pick up in the summer. Some work runs counter to that, with insane deadlines at Christmas or New Year’s. Those are projects that are run by people who’ve never managed a successful project. Luckily those aren’t the majority.

So I bide my time with busy-work, with study, with errands. The work will pick up again. And if it doesn’t, it’s just the work that my agency is getting (or not getting). There’s plenty of work to be had. One just has to go find it.

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