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Shower cat


Our latest animal acquisition, a silver tabby, is perhaps two years old. She still exhibits kittenish craziness, though. She gallops around the house, climbs the window screens, and chews on any paper that’s lying around. She growls deep, like a dog, when she fights with her older sister.

But the oddest behavior is that she likes to be in the shower. It has a nice big windowsill where she can sit and watch the squirrels outside. So she comes in, whether the shower is occupied or not, and sits in the window. The water spray and the water sounds don’t seem to bother her. We take care not to get her wet, since we want to see how long this behavior persists, but so far, she shows no sign of changing her shower habit.

I have never had a shower cat before. It’s very odd. But then, so is she.

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