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“Almost Human” – best show in the past decade


I’m pleased that “Almost Human” (Fox, Mondays at 8 PM EST) is off to a good start. They’ve clearly spared no expense on hiring great actors (Karl Urban and Michael Ealy), excellent writers, and terrific special effects artists. It sets the bar for what a science-fiction television series should be. It’s a blend of “Blade Runner,” “Alien Nation,” “I, Robot,” and “Robocop” I think, pairing a human policeman with a synthetic partner in a gritty future metropolis. In just two episodes, it’s already explored the ideas of racism against androids, whether android life is “life”, and whether androids should be free versus owned.

I think it’s off to a terrific start. Fox has already ordered a second season, so the show should have a good chance of making an impact.

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