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Follow the orders of the police


A dashcam video of a New Mexico State Police traffic stop has gone viral, after a woman with five children in the van fled the police twice and led them on a high-speed chase before she finally surrendered.

The police are being criticized for their actions, especially for shooting at the vehicle when the driver fled for the second time. I think the driver, Oriana Ferrell, should be criticized for her actions first and foremost. Because none of it would have happened if:

  • She had not been speeding, which got her stopped
  • She did not have drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, which is probably why she fled
  • She had obeyed the officer’s orders in the first place and simply accepted the speeding ticket

I think what’s most worrisome of all is that not only did Ferrell demonstrate incredible stupidity in her refusal to obey lawful orders from a police officer, but she has five children, at least one of whom is as stupid as she is (because he attacked the police officer).

Ferrell’s actions should be a reminder to everyone. Obey the orders of a police officer. Because the consequences of not following the officer’s orders are usually more serious than the reason they stopped you in the first place.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-11-20T06:46:47+00:00 06:46

    Are they related to Rob Ford by any chance?


    • 2013-11-20T22:33:00+00:00 22:33

      I wonder. I also wonder at the stupidity of Toronto voters to elect such a one as Mr. Ford.


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