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Another Obama attempt to manufacture distraction fails


As the Obamacare debacle continues to unfold, and up to 93 million Americans will lose their insurance after the employer mandate goes into effect in 2014, Dear Leader was caught red-handed yesterday with preparations to turn the national discussion back to racism and away from his latest failure. How?

A brand-new Twitter account was set up in January 2009, just after Obama’s election, called @ihateniggers. Mysteriously, Barack Obama’s official Twitter account was its first follower. 

@ihateniggers has had little activity, and no one noticed that Obama was following it until ran an article on it today. Within hours of the story going up, Obama’s Twitter account unfollowed @ihateniggers.

I think the @ihateniggers account was set up by the Obama administration, waiting for an opportune time to use it as a diversion, to make racism a point of national discussion again and to distract from the administration’s ongoing scandals and blunders. For some reason, the Twitter account was never used as a distraction.

Perhaps the administration forgot that they had set it up. Probably the Obama staffer who set it up, quit. The administration certainly has had plenty of turnover. Of course, when more than half of Obama’s Twitter followers don’t actually exist, one more bogus Twitter account associated with Dear Leader is really just to be expected.

One wonders how many other fake stalking-horses the Obama administration has set up as potential distractions, to be used at some point in the future.

With this administration, unfortunately, anything is possible.

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