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A chat with my mechanic


I spoke with my mechanic the other day. She expressed optimism at my statistics, but I think that’s because I’m doing quite well compared to her other customers, who are all near death. Also, despite major surgery, my body is still not quite suited to this environment, so my numbers will never look completely humanlike. Whatever. As long as I can go unnoticed on the street, that’s all that matters.

We discussed the issue of night terrors. She said she has them too. She said hers are triggered by extensive computer work, or by focusing intently on such lightweight computer games as solitaire or minesweeper. It’s the intent focus without physical movement that causes the episodes, she said. She’s sworn off intensive computer work and all computer games, she said, and her terrors have all but disappeared.

So I was right about the cause of the terror episodes. Can I make the same sweeping changes she did? Doubtful.

But I can work at it.

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