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A turn around the mall


I visited an actual mall today, the first time since… I don’t remember. It’s probably been a decade or more. I don’t go to malls usually, because they make nice targets for terrorism. (Exhibit A: the Westgate Mall slaughter in Nairobi, Kenya by Muslim terrorists.) I don’t need to be a target.

But the mall I went to today in King Of Prussia, PA is the largest mall in North America in terms of store square footage. It’s very large. It’s a “luxury mall” with lots of high-end stores and expensive clothing.

What surprised me was the fact that most of the clothing fell into three target demographics:

  • Old women trying to look young
  • Young people trying to look hip
  • Hip people trying to look rugged and outdoorsy

Each one of those categories had dozens of stores in the mall. And within that category, all of the wares among all those stores looked the same. I’m reasonably sure that all of those stores buy from the same factories in China.

It was a strange realization.

Now I have two reasons not to go to the mall: terrorism and bland conformity.



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