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Starbucks’ Ethiopian coffee promotion


I was at Starbucks (with my weapons, naturally, and they’re not going to have anything to say about it). I looked through the open door to their kitchen area, and saw their employee notice board, which had a notice about Starbucks’ current Ethiopian coffee promotion. Coffee apparently originated in Ethiopia, though I had always thought it originated in Kenya. Ethiopia is typically known for its overpopulation, wars and famines, but not a lot else.

I mentioned the promotion to the barista, and asked her if the Ethiopian coffee came in extremely small portions.

“Yes,” she said, not grasping the joke. I blinked and looked at her again, and realized that she had been born after the great Ethiopian famine of 1984-1985, and had been spared the media hoopla of the “Live Aid” fundraising concert by popular musicians of the time. I thought that concert lasted for a week; it turns out it lasted only a day.

I think I should purge those memories, since they’re no longer relevant.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-10-02T11:38:22-04:00 11:38

    I was born in 71, so I know what you mean regarding the perception of the Ethiopian famine, as I have shared the same (I find a lot of issues which occurred during my youth are more vivid and feel more realistic for some reason). I remember during my first ever trip to Montreal going to live there for an internship; I was alone walking down a certain street, saw my first Ethiopian restaurant and just burst out laughing on my own and had a very hard time attempting to stop the giggles. I just didn’t know what the heck they would serve in a restaurant that came from a place where people didn’t eat. How much would you pay for one grain of rice?


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