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Why you should enjoy a government shutdown


The media keeps screaming about a government shutdown today, blaming the House Republicans for it, because the Republicans won’t pass an annual funding bill that does not delay or defund Obamacare. And the Democrat-controlled Senate won’t even consider, much less pass, a funding bill that delays or defunds Obamacare. So the government shutdown is actually due to the fact that the Senate won’t do its job and pass the funding bill that the House has sent to the Senate. A shutdown is what the Democrats want, so they can try to blame the Republicans for it. It won’t work, of course. It’s the Democrats’ fault because they won’t compromise. You know, “compromise,” that word they keep saying the Republicans won’t do? Well, it’s time for the Democrats to “compromise.” They won’t, of course. Remember that during the 2014 elections, so you can vote them out.

But that’s neither here nor there. My point is that you should embrace and enjoy a government shutdown, because it reminds you of two very important facts:

  1. The government will only furlough (send home without pay) “non-essential employees.” That turns out to be quite a lot of people who feed at the government trough, a trough which is filled by your tax dollars. But they are all “non-essential.” Essential services, like the courts, the military, “Homeland Security,” hospitals, and so on . . . those will keep right on churning away, unaffected. So remember, when the Democrats and the media wail about the horrors of the shutdown, remember, just like the dreaded sequester . . . nothing will really change. Life will continue. Maybe not for “non-essential employees.” But seriously, who cares about them? They’re non-essential. Now they can take a turn at cutting back on expenses, just like the rest of you in the private sector have. They can get used to getting along without a paycheck, and living on savings, and deciding whether to eat or pay the electric bill, just like the rest of you. (For a good laugh, read CNN’s take on how the shutdown would affect your daily life. In essence, it says, not at all.)
  2. Two-thirds of government expenditures are “wealth transfers,” taking taxes and fees from you and giving it to someone else, like welfare recipients and illegal immigrants and the elderly. That’s why they call them “wealth transfers.” The government pays its millions of non-essential employees to take money from you and give it to someone else who didn’t earn it and who doesn’t deserve it. Basically, if you paid your taxes in pennies, you could take 67 cents out of every dollar and toss it in the nearest garbage can, because that’s the equivalent of the good that money is doing. Only about 33 cents out of every dollar is spent on anything worthwhile. Isn’t that sad? Doesn’t that demotivate you from paying your taxes? It should.

I’m going to sit back and enjoy the government shutdown. You should, too.

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