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Talking to hear yourself talk


I was listening to Laurie Anderson, old and new (the old looks new, and the new looks disturbingly old. How much time has passed? I don’t want to think about it).

I was trying to make sense of her newer commentary about the elimination of “middle distance.” I understand it, but I’m not sure why it’s important enough to talk about. It’s one of those academic ruminations that have no value. “Yes, whatever,” I thought to myself. “There is no group anymore. It is a mass of individuals who choose to move in the same direction, emulating a group without being one.” There, I answered her question just like that, and I took a lot less time to answer the question than she took to ask it (if there even was a question somewhere in her meandering monologue).

It reminded me of how annoying it is when people talk to hear themselves talk, just as some bloggers write to hear themselves write. It’s like rubbing sandpaper on my brain-lobes. It hurts. “Please, get to the point!” I scream. Then I remember: there is no point.

This is why my posts are usually quite short. I make my point and I’m done. On to the next.

Word count: 207.

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    Most bloggers start without readers, so it’s important to enjoy listening to yourself talk. The goal is to eventually find like-minded individuals who also enjoy your meaningless intellectual meanderings.


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