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Funny how they don’t mention…


I’ve read a fair amount about the Westgate Mall slaughter by Muslim terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya in the past few days. More than a dozen terrorists stormed the mall on Saturday, shouting that they were there specifically to kill non-Muslims. They let several Muslims go, then they began shooting and grenading the rest. They killed at least 67 people and took more than a thousand hostages before the Kenyan army assaulted the mall and began killing the terrorists. Four days later, the Kenyan army claims to be in the mop-up stage of rounding up the remaining terrorists, but that mean’s it’s still not over.

Most of the coverage I’ve read manages to refer to Al-Shabaab (the African Al-Qaeda affiliate which carried out the slaughter) or to Al-Qaeda, but it distinctly avoids using the words “Muslim” or “Islam” until very late in the story, if it’s mentioned at all.

It’s almost as if the media wishes to disassociate Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda from Islam or Muslim terrorists. It’s almost as if the media hopes that you won’t remember that Al-Qaeda is all about Islamic terrorism, all about jihad.

(Aha, I am not the only one who noticed this self-censorship in the media.)

The media’s politically-correct self-censorship is not working, of course. You’re not stupid. You know Islamic terrorism when you see it. And you’re seeing it in Nairobi. You’re seeing it in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Thailand, in Indonesia, in Chechnya, in England, in Spain, and in America.

If you think a Westgate Mall slaughter can’t happen where you live, think again.  You will submit to Islam, or they will kill you, unless you kill them first. There will be no peaceful coexistence. Islam does not permit it. World domination, the creation of a global Islamic state, is the stated goal of most Muslims. They may not admit it when you quiz them about it directly, but they cheerfully discuss it openly when they think no one is listening.

You should acquire a weapon now. Because you will need it soon.

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