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What keeps me up at night


What keeps me up at night are stupid things that bounce back and forth between my brains. Questions like…

“What rhymes with ‘orange’?”

The answer is, basically, nothing. I don’t care what the philosopher-king Eminem says, there aren’t any words that rhyme with orange, except “sporange” (basically a fern’s testicle which makes spores for propagation), and only a botanist would use that. I don’t know any botanists who write poetry.

Tonight’s question will probably be “what rhymes with ‘silver’?” (Answer: nothing.)

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-09-20T18:03:52+00:00 18:03

    Sliver? Liver?


    • 2013-09-23T21:40:10+00:00 21:40

      well, those work only if you reverse the syllables. “SIL-ver” is close to “PIL-fer” but that’s about as close as I’ve gotten.


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