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I was reading an article which described a few ways Facebook makes it difficult for you to leave. I had no problem leaving, after I was done tinkering with it. I looked up “how to quit Facebook” on Google, the same as she did. I got “don’t quit” messages similar to the ones she saw. And the part about your “friends” missing you? Please. If your “friends” really cared about you, they would call you, or come see you. What? Those “friends” on Facebook wouldn’t do that for you? Oh, because they’re not really friends at all. That makes it VERY easy to leave.

My friends are all thousands, millions, or billions of kilometers away. We keep in touch electronically and photonically. It’s simple, and we don’t need Facebook to do it. Facebook really is just a data mining operation to get you to volunteer information about yourself which Facebook then sells to marketers so they can harass you with advertising. Any social contact you may perceive via Facebook is really just a byproduct of Facebook’s raping your identity.

How embedded you are in Facebook is really just an inverse measure of your intelligence.

Anyway, I learned a new acronym from that article, “FOMO,” which means “Fear Of Missing Out.”

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that fear. It seems like a strange idea. But then, I don’t miss out on anything. I participate in the events or discussions I want to attend. I ignore the ones I don’t. If something happens that I wasn’t aware of, well, then it didn’t matter anyway, because if it was important, I would have known about it beforehand. Q.E.D.

“FOMO” is an interesting concept, but it doesn’t really exist except in the surreal environment of Facebook.



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  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-09-19T07:48:00+00:00 07:48

    I totally agree. Why can’t you be your own person without everyone else?


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