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Maybe Harvard girls are easy


For many years, colleges and universities have under-reported the crimes that occur on their campuses. They did this in order to make the place seem safer, even though the students always knew it wasn’t. The federal Clery Act now requires colleges and universities to accurately report crime that occurs on or near campus, so now the schools are under pressure to be more honest.

Maybe Harvard’s being more honest, since the number of reported rapes nearly doubled (12 in 2011, 23 in 2012).

Or maybe there’s more rapists in the Harvard student body now (no pun intended) than there were before. I find that doubtful. Children of privilege typically lack morals or standards, because they know that rules don’t apply to them. Harvard was chartered in 1636. I doubt that human criminal behavior has changed much in the intervening 377 years. People are just getting sloppier or more brazen about it, I think. So if there are actually more complaints/arrests, it’s probably just the same number of rapists per annum at Harvard, just more of them being outed.

Or maybe Harvard girls are easy. But they don’t want to be thought of as “easy.” So they engage in sex, and then change their minds during the act, or sometime afterward, and file a rape complaint. That’s a problem in American jurisprudence, that women can decide at any time during or after the act of coitus (even long after) that they didn’t really want to do it, so it’s “rape.”  The concept of “victim status,” of denial of personal responsibility, is a subset of “political correctness.” Political correctness was first conceived of and promoted by Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale and Columbia. So it makes sense that “rape” would be commonplace at Ivy League schools like Harvard, because the culture there encourages people to find “rape” where there isn’t any, just like they find “racism” and “sexism” where there isn’t any. If a man looks at a woman crosseyed, it’s “rape,” in the academic mindset. Hence, higher incidences of “rape” at Harvard.

All this really demonstrates is that it’s risky for males to engage in any sort of contact with females. It’s much safer to ignore them.

Especially the easy girls at Harvard.

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