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I believe in happy endings


I believe in happy endings. Like convicted kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro hanging himself in his prison cell in the Orient, Ohio prison this morning.

Some would say he cheated his life-plus-1000-years prison sentence for kidnapping, raping and imprisoning three Cleveland women. I say he saved the taxpayers of Ohio at least $780,000 for his planned incarceration (about $26,000 per year, times the 30 years he could reasonably be expected to have lived, had he not killed himself).

If they had kept his moldering bones lying in the cell after his death for another thousand years (a ridiculous sentence, I think – a fifty-cent rifle bullet to the head is much cheaper), the savings to Ohio taxpayers would be $26,870,000. Unless you prorate the savings of imprisoning his bones without needing to feed him, clothe him, educate him, entertain him, or pay for endless appeals, considering that he is now dead. It might be a bit cheaper, then.

Happy endings.

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  1. Colleen permalink
    2013-09-04T10:47:12-04:00 10:47

    totally agree with you on this one …


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