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The Art of Noise, “Legs” and “Slip of the Tongue” and “Backbeat”


“Legs” was never one of my favorites, thought it was a minor hit for The Art of Noise (also known as “AON”). But it’s the next track after “Legs” which was always a favorite of mine. It segues seamlessly from “Legs” to “Slip of the Tongue,” keeping the beat but switching the mood completely.

“Slip of the Tongue” is made almost entirely of sampled noise, which is what is so much fun about it. It’s a great example of the power of sampling. I especially like the hollow whistling sound which plays a tune around 5:13. I like the way it starts each phrase in the foreground, and moves away, echoing into the background of the “sound picture.”

Relevant music from 3:35 (the end of “Legs”) to 5:35 (the beginning of “Backbeat”) in this clip.



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