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The egg


We found an egg in the ditch the other day. It was lying in plain sight, as if it had been gently placed there. Which it had been, we theorized, by the new adult ___ which showed up in our enclosure last week. It must be a female, judging by its thoracic segment. It contains enough volume to house egg-production apparatus, while a male’s thorax would not.

Our neighbor had found half a dozen eggs in his yard, and all of them had been eaten by raccoons. Ours was the lone survivor. It is larger than a chicken egg, and more rounded than ovoid. We presume it must be viable, but it is dangerous to leave it where it is, because it will simply be eaten like the others.

So we moved it into the enclosure, and put it in a safe place. Hopefully it will be able to incubate and hatch there.

We will see what happens in a couple of months.

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