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Media coverage of Chris Lane’s murder


I think it’s interesting that when the American media covers a violent crime that was perpetrated by a black person, the American media usually does its best to hide the perpetrator’s race. Either they won’t show pictures of the perpetrator, or they won’t mention that he/she is black in the text. Example from CNN here, where they usually show the white victim’s face but not the black perpetrator’s face. One can usually blame that on the political-correctness-run-amok mentality within the American media, where the Associated Press recently banned the use of the terms “illegal immigrant” and “Islamist.” When certain pieces of information are forbidden to be discussed in the media, such as the race of a criminal perpetrator, it eliminates a significant part of the value of the “news” story that remains.

Foreign media often shows no such reluctance to describe the race of a criminal perpetrator. Example from local Australian media, Adelaide Now, here.

It’s sad when people in the United States have to look overseas to get an accurate picture of news happening within the United States. But it’s really been that way since the early 1980s. It’s just more obvious now, as more American media slides into bankruptcy. As American media’s quality declines, that just drives more US readership to foreign news outlets.

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