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The new version of groupthink


The German National Socialist party had a powerful propaganda apparatus. This is a poster advertising a 1933 propaganda film, “S.A. Mann Brand,” about Fritz Brand, a young truck driver who is recruited into the “glorious” Sturmabteilung, or S.A., a well-organized group of street thugs also known as the Stormtroopers or the Brownshirts. The Brownshirts terrorized the streets of Germany by beating and killing their political opponents, and they were instrumental in bringing Adolf Hitler to power.


Today, liberals are quick to attack their own people when anyone dares to speak (or think) an idea that is “off the reservation,” or not sanctioned by the Democrat Party. A blogger for the far-left magazine “Mother Jones” recently came under attack from other liberals for daring to criticize Obama’s NSA spying on U.S. citizens. Obama, of course, supports such spying, and therefore the Democrat Party must also support it.

That story features a wonderful repurposing of the above movie poster. It’s very appropriate for liberals’ groupthink mentality, and for their violent behavior that erupts when you dare step out of line. Recent example of violent behavior exhibited by liberals (in this case, a teacher’s union which is being criticized for supporting a fellow teacher who is a convicted pedophile) here.


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