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What do you call 525 dead Islamist protesters?


What do you call 525 dead Islamist protesters in Egypt? A good start.

Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egypt’s first election, and the Muslim Brotherhood was going to do its best to make sure that would be Egypt’s last election.

The Islamist protesters in Egypt are not interested in democracy. They want to be back in power, after being forced out of power by the Egyptian Army. And as soon as they’re back in power, they will continue dismantling the country’s progress toward a peaceful, civilized society, and they will continue slaughtering the Coptic Christian minority.

The army gave the protesters nearly two weeks to disperse. Instead, the protesters armed themselves and gathered women and children to use as human shields.

Now that the Egyptian Army has started killing the Islamists, it needs to continue, because the civil war everyone knew was coming, is now here. The Islamists will not rest until they’re in power again in Egypt, and then they will start killing everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Therefore it’s best if the Egyptian Army kills as many of them as possible, as soon as possible. The army, and most Egyptians, recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a cancer. It’s best to cut out the cancer before it kills the whole body.

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