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I liked the rodeo clown


Liberals have their diapers in a bunch because a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask during a rodeo performance at the Missouri State Fair.

Oh, the horror. Oh, the disrespect. Oh, the racism. Oh, the [insert imagined affrontery here].

I think it was very funny. In case people didn’t notice, public respect for the presidency began its decline during Nixon’s administration (1969-1974), dropped further during Reagan’s administration (1981-1989), and hit bottom (and kept digging) through the Bush 41 and 43 administrations (1989-1993 and 2001-2009). Liberal politicos and celebrities said horrible things every day, wished disease and death upon the president and his family, drew offensive cartoons, and made television ads, programs, and movies about the president’s much-wished-for assassination. Liberals always demand respect for their liberal presidents, but then they show incredible disrespect for conservative presidents. It’s a complete double-standard.

So I really don’t think a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is all that disrespectful. Especially to a president who, in turn, has such disrespect for the country he supposedly leads. Consider the fact that the crowd at the fair LOVED it. LOVED IT. Roared with approval every time the announcer asked, “Who wants to see Obama get run down by a bull?” Apparently quite a lot of people would like to see that. I would certainly find it entertaining. I might even buy the video. It might make a good DVD double feature with “White House Down.” Or maybe “All the President’s Men.”

It’s one thing to respect the office of the President. It’s a different thing to respect (or disrespect) the person who occupies that office. And certainly the clown who occupies the office right now deserves no respect. Nor do the liberals who scream their effete rage at anyone who might mock their Dear Leader.

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