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Not that I don’t love Adam Ant, but…


I skipped Adam Ant’s concert tour that’s going on in the United States at the moment. I love Adam Ant, of course… he is a “post-punk” icon, though I tend to lump him in with the New Romantic movement more than he probably would like.

I skipped his concert for a few reasons.

  • It was far away.
  • Darling wife didn’t want to go to the concert, but she wanted to make a weekend of it. So it was going to be a logistical pain to get her there, drop her off at the hotel, go to the concert, get back late, and then be up at the crack of dawn for the rest of the weekend’s activities-to-be-determined-by-darling-wife.
  • The sound quality of concerts is usually horrendous. I would rather listen to a clean copy at home, quiet and undisturbed, unsoiled by fellow concertgoers’ spilled beer and marijuana stench.

But I will still buy his new album and enjoy it. I’m glad he’s making music again.

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