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Another collection item


We like local technology that’s old. I admire old typewriters, rotary telephones, record players and cameras. Darling wife likes old sewing machines. The idea of a clever human tinkering with metal and wood to fashion it into a finely-crafted mechanical work of art is just amazing to us.

Darling wife found an ancient bellows-style camera for me, circa 1935. It was only a few dollars at the thrift store. Presumably it still works. You can still get newly-manufactured color photographic film for it, but it’s expensive. You can buy many-decades-old undeveloped film for it on eBay, but only the black and white film is usable; the color film will have long since deteriorated.

I was watching an auction for some old undeveloped black and white film on eBay, and I missed the deadline, distracted by a call. I will have to dig out my “sniping” website that I once used to beat others in bidding at the last second.

Or I may just need to cough up the full price for modern film.

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