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A spate of luck


Some people seem to experience a rush of good things or bad things that happen all at once. A friend of mine had that happen to her last week. First her Dachshund dog got sick, so she took it to the vet, and after a number of very expensive tests (including an MRI), it turns out the dog has a ruptured disc in its back (note to self, only acquire mixed-breed mutts from the shelter – any recessive defects are usually masked by their gene mashup). The ruptured disc will require much more expensive surgery, so of course she will do the surgery, rather than euthanize the dog.

She has to crate the dog to keep it immobile, so she looked for her crate before she realized she’d given it away. So on her way to buy another crate, she caused an accident that destroyed one side of her very expensive car. Now she must pay for the damages and healthcare of not just herself but the other people who hit her when she turned in front of them.

Now her car insurance company is likely to drop her. Most insurance companies today require little or no urging to drop a policy, and this accident is a good reason.

My friend had a very bad week. How much of it was luck? Not much, really. All of these things happened in a logical progression, they just all happened in a clump of events. But at least that week is over. This week is a new week. We’ll see her tonight, and we’ll try a new restaurant that none of us have been to before.

If we get food poisoning tonight, I will probably need to start avoiding my friend until her run of “bad luck” expires.

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