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Why I don’t check bags


Forced as I am to use local technology and transportation, I take a flying bomb to and from work every week. Sometimes I have to change planes. Every time you check a bag, change a plane with checked baggage, or change your travel plans in any way with checked baggage, you risk losing it. So I don’t check any. I have learned to pack extremely light. I also recommend using a duffel bag, because it can be squished into any available space of any shape. Also, pay the airline for early boarding, to ensure that you get a space. Or buy your way into a high rank in an airline mileage program.

This story reminds me of why I don’t check bags. And please note once again that local news will often indicate the race or socioeconomic background of suspected criminals, while national and international news usually whitewashes it in the name of political correctness. In this example, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even worse, after helping to steal baggage, the woman “returned” some of the stolen clothing from the baggage to a department store and somehow received cash in exchange. Then she was arrested as she boarded a flight to Hawaii.

Quite a lot of this story smells fishy. But the suspects both fit a profile. And the act of noticing that does not constitute profiling, it’s merely observing a fact. (Note to racist agitators: if you want to avoid being profiled, don’t behave in a way that fits the profile. And don’t whine when others behave in a way that encourages profiling. Try making them stop behaving that way, instead.)

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