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New neighbors


An aging neighbor finally realized that her precarious health made it necessary to move in with her son and his wife. (Wife gets automatic nomination for sainthood.) She moved away the other day, and the new neighbors began moving in the same day. I think that was a mistake, because all the floors first need to be ripped out and redone after accruing 30 years of dog and cat excrement. The place stank. That’s why I always held my breath when I visited our old neighbor.

Apparently the new neighbors are smokers and can’t smell anything, or else they would realize the place stank and needed new flooring (and probably new wallboard too). Then again, they have dogs. Perhaps it would be pointless to lay new flooring.

Apparently they are also drinkers. The first thing they did after arriving, before unpacking a single thing, was to raise a flag on the flagpole. The flag is black, with a white skull drinking from an upended whisky bottle.

This does not bode well for our new relationship.

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