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Saved another animal


Darling wife was driving down the highway with a friend, when they saw a ____ that had been run over. Its shell was cracked top and bottom, and it was bleeding, but it was still moving, trying to get out of the road. They stopped to rescue it, but were beaten to it by a county worker who almost hit all of them with his truck before he stopped. Once he saw that the ___ was wounded, though, he didn’t know what to do. Darling wife did, though. Together, she and her friend took possession of it and took it to a wildlife rehabilitation center that they know about, where they heal and nurture all sorts of wounded, damaged animals. She called ahead to warn them that she was coming, and they were ready to take charge of it when they arrived.

The wildlife people said that the ___ wasn’t badly wounded, compared to others that they have saved. They felt sure that it would be fine, after a week of antibiotics, rest, and of course, a healthy application of epoxy to hold its shell together enough to heal.

Another good deed for the day.

(I refer to the __ without using its name, to avoid harassment from the authorities regarding our dealings with this protected species.)

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