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Winding down the project


I’m in the last two weeks of my current assignment. We’re running another round of tests in the production environment, because the past six months of testing in the prototype environment aren’t assurance that things will work the same as the production environment.

It shouldn’t be necessary, of course. The production environment is supposed to be a copy of their prototype environment. But their operations group, which maintains all environments, is untrained and doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’ve never worked at a place where the environments were so chaotic, where things happened without explanation, where objects change and data appears or disappears and no one knows how or why. But that’s the way they’ve always run their company, so it’s not going to change.

That’s why I’m a consultant.

I will miss this client. They’re a lovely group of people, very family-oriented, an oasis of calm and order in the decaying, deadly wilderness of the inner city. There are rumors that they will relocate to a larger site in an even more dangerous, decaying area of the city. I’m not sure what motivates the company leadership other than cheap land. If and when I come back to this client, I certainly hope it’s not to a neighborhood that’s even worse than the one where the client is now.

I have no new assignment. Other consultants of my agency have no new assignments either. They’re worried about their jobs. I told them not to worry, but to stash some money aside just in case. We will all find jobs if our agency dissolves. The work is there; our superior, who suffered a mental breakdown last year, is not capable of finding it.

It’s unfortunate, but everything will turn out for the best. It always does.

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