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The introduction didn’t go well


We have been dithering about how and when to introduce our new female cat (Cat 2) to our existing female cat (Cat 1). We knew Cat 1 would hate Cat 2. She likes to be the queen, and she doesn’t like any challengers, no matter how nice and amicable the other female might be. So we hadn’t put them together yet in the same room. We just let them sniff each other with a closed door separating them, and we swapped them into each other’s rooms occasionally to let them get each other’s scent. It didn’t bode well… Cat 1 hissed and snarled at the very idea of another cat’s presence, and Cat 2 looked very nervous.

Today we put them together, quite by accident. We brought Cat 2 inside from a rainstorm and put her in a bedroom without realizing that Cat 1 was already in there. And we closed the door.

I came back in a moment later, just in time to see both of them locked in deadly combat. I separated them and shooed Cat 1 out of the room. Cat 2 looked even more nervous after that.

The next time we put them together, we’d better have the veterinarian on speed dial.

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