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Civil war in Egypt?


Things are getting ugly in Egypt, where an army coup last week (apparent to everyone except the Obama administration) deposed the Muslim Brotherhood from power and imprisoned President Mohammed Morsi. Now the Muslim Brotherhood is vowing civil war. Remember, Syria is embroiled in a civil war also, increasingly against Al-Qaeda. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is also basically a front for Al-Qaeda. So now both of those countries are fighting an Al-Qaeda-led insurrection.

It’s a good thing that the Army deposed the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, since Morsi was rapidly moving Egypt toward an Islamic dictatorship. Democracy was only a mechanism for the Muslim Brotherhood to gain power in Egypt. Once that was done, democracy was dispensed with. The Muslim Brotherhood’s cries of democracy being violated ring hollow. They don’t want democracy. They just want to be in power. And that should be prevented whenever and wherever possible.

A full-blown civil war in Egypt, while debilitating to Egypt and destructive to its people, would actually be beneficial for the rest of the planet, because as long as the Muslim militants are fighting the Egyptian Army there, they aren’t fighting elsewhere. And it’s quite unlikely that they could defeat the Army.

Just like in Syria, the longer the battle is prolonged in Egypt, and the more Muslim militants are liquidated there, the safer the rest of the planet will be.

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