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Why the current pro-life trend in legislatures is a bad idea


In the wake of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder convictions for performing late-term abortions in Philadelphia, we’ve seen a few state legislatures working to restrict abortions, such as in Texas and North Carolina, and even at the federal level in the US House of Representatives.

Even though I personally would never use abortion, even if I were female, that’s my own choice. I think abortion should continue to be widely available to any adult woman who wants it. Why? Because:

Therefore, restricting abortion further will simply result in more liberals, more criminals, and more people depending on you to support them in the future. This seems counterproductive. Like mosquito larvae, it would be much simpler to kill them before they become a problem. Unfortunately, there’s no product like Mosquito Dunks for liberals on the market yet.

Therefore, I would recommend that the state and federal legislatures play to the liberal base, and give them all the abortions they can handle. I propose that they make abortion mandatory for women who are registered Democrats, to start with. To be fair and gender-unbiased, they should also make sterilization mandatory for men who are registered Democrats.

After a period of time, when the results manifest themselves through demographic trends and crime rates, perhaps the mandatory requirements can be revised downward from “mandatory” to “strongly encouraged.” What few welfare benefits remain at that time can be used as a reward to encourage liberals to continue to abort their progeny.

Meanwhile, Texas and North Carolina are only working to destroy themselves, instead of the cancers that are attacking them. I hope they realize it in time, before it’s too late.

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  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-07-05T07:04:56+00:00 07:04

    Another issue is the butchery that happens to women around the world when they don’t have the right to an appropriate medical procedure. Some women are so desperate not to have a kid (especially when they might be forced to have sex for the male’s power trip pleasure) that they take any option. A man who beats his wife most often will also beat his child.


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